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Coltronics Systems Ltd was established in 1987 as an engineering solutions provider.

Our expertise is in three main areas:

Suppliers Of Veterinary Products, including Piped Medical Gases, Active Scavenging, Theatre Equipment & Associated Accessories

Suppliers Of Temperature Measuring & Recording Equipment For The Food Processing lndustry. Suppliers of Pressure Measuring & Recording Equipment.

Suppliers Of Uninterruptible Power Systems From 1KVA To 30KVA Single & Three Phase.

Supporting the above we offer a full Repairs & Calibration Service to Traceable Standards.

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Active Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems

Designed specifically for use in the Veterinary Pofession, based on technology in use in human medical practice. The innovative Barnsley Receiver Co-Axial Airbreak is very efficient & allows the use of a compact lightweight AGSS Pump which uses about 1/10th of the power of the human hospital equivalent, providing easy, versatile installation & low running costs.

Anaesthetic Machines

Our compact General Anaesthetic Machines are designed to provide maximum versatiliy & good value for the Veterinary Pofessional. We manufacture Portable, Wall Mount, Table Top & Hybrid configurations.

G/A Machines

Gas Bottle Storage Cabinets

For Internal Storage we offer Twin & Triple Bottle Wall Mount Bottle Racks with integral bottel securing chains. For External Storage we offer triple & quintuple Size J Gas Bottle Cabinets for Veterinary Practice in preference to Cages because the storage location is often exposed to public view & bottles stored in Cages are more at risk of vandal damage or theft when the practice is unoccupied.

Gas Bottle Storage

Gas Monitoring and Alarm Systems

Coltronics Systems took over the operation of the Scheme from Barnsley District General Hospital in July 1998 following the closure of their on site laboratories.

Gas Monitoring

More Products

Piped Medical Gas Systems

Designed specifically for use in the Veterinary Pofession, but based on technology in use in human medical practice.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Take a look at the brochure for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). It’ll give you more information on this adjunctive form of treatment which leads to faster recovery times for the patients.

Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen Concentrators are a great idea on paper. They have come down in price, physical size & the performance improvement has been dramatic in the last 15 years or so which has made them a practical consideration for Veterinary Professionals.

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