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A Guide To Scavenging Gas Servicing

By November 18, 2021August 8th, 2022No Comments

Organising regular scavenging gas servicing will ensure your equipment continues to work efficiently and remain in good condition for as long as possible.

In this month’s blog at Coltronics Systems Ltd we provide a guide to scavenging gas servicing. Call us in Staffordshire on 01827 319 966 for more information from our team.

About Anaesthetic Gas Scavenger Systems (AGSS)

Anaesthetic gas scavenger systems (AGSS) are used to remove waste gases from rooms in hospitals and veterinary surgeries to protect people and animals from harmful gases. These waste fumes can be hazardous even at low concentrations.

The systems are efficient, ensuring all operating theatres and other rooms comply with UK regulations. This includes keeping gas limits below 100 ppm for nitrous oxide, 10 ppm for halogenated volatile anaesthetic agents and 10 ppm for halothane.

Additionally, these systems can come with features such as remote alarm reporting and control panels. Consult a specialist to learn more about these features.

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What Does Servicing Involve?

Regular servicing is essential to keep the system and its components in good condition. Professional servicing often includes:

  • Cleaning Components
  • Adjusting & Calibrating Settings
  • Diagnosing & Fixing Issues
  • Testing Equipment

Through these inspections, experts will ensure your equipment is working efficiently. They can diagnose and resolve a range of issues quickly, getting your system running again as soon as possible.


The Importance Of Preventative Maintenance

To avoid expensive and time-consuming repairs or even replacements, investing in preventive maintenance is crucial. This can ensure that the scavenging gas systems are running efficiently and prevents any faults or damaged components from getting worse.

Annual routine servicing is the most effective way to keep your equipment in the best condition. Additional, organising regular inspections and servicing will ensure you have evidence of equipment maintenance for RCVS Accreditation.

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Find Out Now

Contact our team at Coltronics Systems Ltd in Staffordshire for more information about scavenging gas servicing. Call us on 01827 319 966 or 07900 942 918 to consult a specialist. Alternatively, you can send us a message via the contact form for a prompt response.