Scavenging systems need to be kept in good condition to prevent failures and optimise performance. With scavenging gas servicing in Edinburgh, this will maintain the condition of all gas scavenging systems to give all veterinarians complete safety carrying out any work. Coltronics Systems Ltd can provide servicing for all systems at a very competitive price.

We provide both regular and one-off servicing, depending on how often you would like to schedule. In addition to our repairs and servicing, we also complete the installation and replacement of gas scavenging systems. With a selection of different products available, we discuss the best option for your requirements and supply this quickly to your site.


Without scavenging gas servicing in Edinburgh, your systems could risk having failures and breakdowns. Not only will this be expensive to repair, but it could also cost your business due to the system being down for even a brief time. As gas scavenging systems are essential to keep your vets in a safe condition and remove any potentially harmful and residual gas, not having these systems in place will have a very negative effect.

The scavenging gas systems we install offer state-of-the-art equipment. This ensures you have the best possible performance and should be durable to maintain this quality. However, routine service is still ideal so performance does not drop. This should also significantly reduce the chance of a breakdown or failure occurring. Your practice will be able to complete all work with systems that remain functioning.

Any larger problems will always be dealt with during the service so this does not escalate. Within our servicing, we will carry out a range of work, including:

  • Inspecting
  • Cleaning
  • Adjusting
  • Rectifying
  • Calibrating
  • Testing

All equipment will go through this process, restoring its original condition and performance. We use only the best equipment and methods when completing our scavenging gas servicing in Edinburgh. This should give you complete peace of mind that all work we complete is of the highest quality and keeps all systems safe to use. For systems such as Vaporisers, we carry out a visual inspection before testing vaporiser output. These results will give us an insight of whether a replacement is needed.

We offer a very affordable price for our service. With any small animal practice, we can offer a service of AGSS, Piped Oxygen & Two G/A Machines, including Vaporisers, for £295.00 + VAT. This will ensure the condition of all equipment is restored and if a replacement is needed, this is carried out immediately. We understand just how important it is to have all systems offering the highest performance. If there is a problem, our repairs and replacements will be completely quickly.

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As a veterinarian, when you require routine and scheduled scavenging gas servicing in Edinburgh, you should always find a fully trained and qualified team to complete the work. Since being established in 1987, Coltronics Systems Ltd have worked throughout the UK, always providing clients in Edinburgh with a dependable team for all services. As we have over 30 years of industry experience, we have great industry knowledge when it comes to any servicing or repairs.

As we work across the UK, Edinburgh is a city our team are always happy to work in. If you are based here, you will receive a fast response from our team, preventing any issues from continuing by quickly dealing with the issues that you encounter. You will receive a personal service from our team, happy to travel to any area in the city and throughout the surrounding areas. We aim to be the first choice for all scavenging gas servicing in Edinburgh, providing a service of the highest standard.

Working in Edinburgh and many other areas, we have built a fantastic reputation for the outstanding previous work we have completed. Whether this is repairs, servicing or installations of different systems, all work is completed by a fully trained and professional team. This is also in line with British Standards, meeting health and safety regulations to assure you over the quality our products have to offer.

Having a huge range of services available from routine, scheduled servicing to complete replacements of your current system, you should be left fully satisfied regardless of what your requirements are. Our routine service can be completed as regularly as you want. We make sure all your systems offer fantastic performance and maintain a great condition. With planned maintenance, you should never encounter any problems with modern and quality equipment.



To book scavenging gas servicing in Edinburgh, get in touch with Coltronics Systems Ltd today. You will always receive a fast response from our team, organising a suitable time to visit your Practice and complete any repairs, servicing, replacements or installations you need. Call us on 01827 319 966 or 07900 942 918 fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.

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