At Coltronics Systems Ltd we offer a wide variety of services and products for those working within the veterinary industry. From AGSS medical gas systems to oxygen concentrators, there are several options available. We operate across the Exeter area and are more than willing to travel if required.

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Also known as active anaesthetic gas scavenging systems, AGSS are specially designed to suit the veterinary profession. These are used to scavenge any aesthetic gases which have escaped into a room. Using technology established in human medical practice, the systems are crucial. If they are not used, then there is a significant risk of health to those working in this environment.

One of the most efficient and innovative AGSS available includes the Barnsley Receiver Co-Axial Airbreak. This is compact, lightweight and uses around a tenth of the power of its human equivalent. Alongside this, AGSS medical gas systems are also cost effective and versatile.

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Some of the services and products that we offer across Exeter include:

  • Gas Bottle Storage Cabinets
  • Active Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems
  • Gas Monitoring and Alarm Systems
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • AGSS Medical Gas Systems
  • Piped Anaesthetic Gas Supply Systems
  • Anaesthetic Machines
  • Piped Medical Gas Systems


These are used to help concentrate oxygen from a supply of gas. They work by carefully removing any supply of nitrogen and replacing it with a gas stream which is enriched with oxygen. First used in the 1970s, these supply systems have continued to be used throughout the years. There are two types of supply including high pressure (4bar output) and low pressure portable. Each offers their own advantages and are suitable for different applications.

In recent years the price of these has improved, making them a more affordable and practical option. Even though oxygen concentrators have been oversold to professionals, they are still worth considering.

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The city of Exeter is located in Devon and has an estimated population of 130,000 people. It sits alongside the River Exe and is a popular location to visit for tourists. History here can be traced back into at least the Roman period and there are still traces of their lives left behind.

There are plenty of places to visit and they offer options for all members of the family. Things to do include a visit to the Cathedral as well as the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and the Historic Guildhall.

Our team work across Exeter and are always on hand to provide advice and guidance.


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