Piped Medical Gas Systems in Liverpool

At Coltronics Systems Ltd we specialise in the supply of piped medical gas systems to veterinary clients across the Liverpool area. We have over 20 years of established experience in the industry and are always available to offer support and guidance. Our team are committed to providing a reliable and efficient service to our clients, wherever they are located.

To add to this, we ensure that all products supplied by us conform to British Standards for your health and safety.

To find out more details, please feel free to contact our team on 01827 319 966.

Our Services and Products

We provide a number of different services and products for our clients across the Liverpool area. These include:

  • Gas Bottle Storage Cabinets
  • Active Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems
  • Gas Monitoring and Alarm Systems
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • Piped Anaesthetic Gas Supply Systems
  • Anaesthetic Machines
  • Piped Medical Gas Systems


What are Piped Medical Gas Systems?

These systems are carefully and specifically designed to be used by veterinarians. Piped medical uses technology from human medicine and involves medical air, oxygen and nitrous oxide. These pipes are easy to install, simple to alter in the future, and require very little maintenance.

Either a multilayer anti-static HP flexible hose (BS EN 737) or copper pipe can be used to convey the gas to the main outlet. Despite copper being used in human applications, the same is not required for the veterinary industry.

Gas Bottle Storage Cabinets

In order to keep a space tidy, it is often necessary to invest in internal or external storage. By using a gas bottle storage cabinet, you can safely store away any bottles you have. We offer a range of options including:

  • Twin Bottle Wall Mount Racks
  • Triple Bottle Wall Mount Racks
  • Quintuple Size J Gas Bottle Storage Cabinets
  • Triple Size j Storage Cabinets


We supply racks and cabinets rather than cages as this provides a system which can be hidden away from public view. Alongside this, our racks come with integral securing chains. This helps to prevent unwanted theft or damage if they are left unoccupied.

Around the Liverpool Area

The city of Liverpool is located in the North West of England and is the 5th largest populated area in the UK. Around 2.24 million people live here and it remains a firm favourite with tourists from around the world.

If you are visiting Liverpool, then there are plenty of things to do. No matter what you are interested in, there will always be an activity to enjoy. This includes the Royal Albert Dock, the Cathedral, and the Merseyside Maritime Museum.

Our team can work across this area and are more than willing to provide you with the advice you need.

Find Out More

To find out more about piped medical gas systems or AGSS in Liverpool, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team. We are always on hand to help and answer any questions you have.

Give us a call now on 01827 319 966 or 07768 232 886. Feel free to also fill in our contact form here and we will answer any questions you have.