Anaesthetic gas scavenging systems are essential to eliminate all residual anaesthetic gas in any operating, birthing or recovery room. Coltronics Systems Ltd install AGSS in London and throughout the surrounding areas, ensuring all veterinarians have the correct systems in place to maintain the highest level of safety.

In addition to AGSS, we also have a huge selection of other systems available and veterinary products. Any repairs or servicing that is also needed can be completed by our time. This prevents the efficiency and performance of our systems from dropping, providing you with the safest possible service.


In any rooms where operations, birthing, recovery or other work takes places, harmful gases can become present. It is important these gases are dealt with in an effective way to prevent anyone being exposed which could become particularly harmful. Even at low concentrations, the gas could still cause damage which is why anaesthetic gas scavenging systems or AGSS in London is so important. This should be present within all hospitals and vets.

We both supply and install anaesthetic gas scavenging systems in London, ensuring all buildings have harmful gases removed without issues. The systems we install are of the highest quality, ensuring all harmful gases are quickly removed from your room so no personnel are at risk. All systems are very efficient and come with several key features which can include remote alarm reporting and control panels. We can always discuss the different features available so you have great knowledge of the system.

In addition to installing and supplying these systems, we can also offer repairs and servicing to AGSS. These systems must always be kept in a great condition to maintain performance and continue the elimination of residual anaesthetic gas. If you fail to have servicing, it could mean that performance drops and residual gas becomes a danger again. For any major repairs, we will stock the spare parts needed and use the best equipment to complete repairs. Full replacements are also available.

The anaesthetic gas scavenging systems we use are designed specifically for the veterinary profession. This allows us to use a compact and lightweight AGSS pump, with the system being very versatile and having low running costs. This makes it ideal for use to all vets, ensuring it does not cost too much to run but still offers the highest level of safety.

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When you are looking for AGSS installers in London, Coltronics Systems Ltd should always be your first choice. We strive to deliver a dependable service, ensuring you can turn to us regarding any veterinary systems you require supplied and installed. Our team will make sure installation is made carefully and that you have the highest level of safety within the building.  We can travel throughout London to make these installation.

Since our establishment, we have always worked throughout London and the surrounding areas. If you are based here, you want a quick response whenever you require repairs, servicing or installation of AGSS and other veterinary systems. We make sure this process is completed swiftly and there are no delays to clients across London when it comes to supplying and installing these systems.

London is the largest city in the UK, with a population of nearly 9,000,000 and being the capital of England. It is an area we are always happy to work in, ensuring clients receive the highest standard of service.



Coltronics Systems Ltd was established in 1987, giving us over 30 years of industry experience providing engineering solutions for all our clients.  We strive to deliver the highest standard of service, leaving you fully satisfied with the professionalism of our team and the quality of AGSS. Working throughout London and the UK, we are happy to help all clients when it comes to supply, installation, repairs and servicing, giving you a comprehensive service.

All the work we complete is in line with British Standards, meeting all health and safety regulations to give you complete peace of mind. Regardless of what work you need, our service is efficient and reliable, being completed on time and giving you an easy solution to any AGSS requirements. All our team are fully trained and qualified to handle equipment and systems, ensuring this is installed safely and using the best industry methods.

You should always be left fully satisfied when working with Coltronics Systems Ltd. We deliver a fantastic service at an affordable price, ensuring you can always turn to us for veterinary products.

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If you require the installation of AGSS in London, get in touch with Coltronics Systems Ltd today. You will always receive a fast response from our team, supplying all systems to your location without any delays, making installation a smooth process. Call us today on 01827 319 966 or 07900 942 918 fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.

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