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Should You Use Piped Oxygen Supply?

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Deciding Whether Or Not To Use Piped Oxygen For Veterinary Machines Is A Question That Troubles Many Of Our Customers. Both Options Offer Their Own Benefits, Meaning It Can Benefit Certain Practices More Than Others. However, It Is Important To Consider Both Choices And What Is Best For You.

Coltronics Systems Ltd can advise all clients on your requirements and if piped oxygen supply is ideal for you. Supplying all veterinary equipment, your demands will be met by our team.

Bottled Gas Costs

There are several bottle sizes available and choosing large, Size J Bottles can often be much more cost-effective than smaller Size E and Size F for veterinary G/A machines. It can be difficult to know which bottles offer the best cost as they contain three elements. The price is usually dependent on:

  • Delivery “Service Charge”
  • Monthly Bottle Rental Charges
  • The Cost Of The Actual Gas Fill In The Bottle

It is important to research the monthly gas costs of your own practice. Although we can advise you regarding the different prices and which option is best, knowing your own gas costs will be beneficial. If you are spending over £150 excluding VAT on a monthly basis, piped oxygen should always be considered. Doing this could give you an average cost saving of 25%.

By saving 25% per month on your gas costs, this could mean your oxygen system pays for itself within just 3-5 years for small animal practices.

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Initial Oxygen System

Although piped oxygen is often the best solution for many veterinary practices, we would still advise startups to initially begin with bottled gas. Doing this will allow you to spend your main funds in other areas of the business first. This helps you gain money to then invest in piped oxygen supply and superior, more cost-effective oxygen systems.

This could also help you keep gas costs lower when starting up as it is likely you will be using less gas. Therefore, you will not have to order as frequently. This means gas systems can maintain their effectiveness and efficiency at a low cost. As the business continues to grow, installing oxygen pipes then becomes a viable option to save you money as you use more gas.

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Considering Portable Oxygen Concentrators?

You should always be looking to regularly update your supply of oxygen to find the most cost-effective option for you. When using small bottles before piped oxygen systems, it can be worth using small portable oxygen concentrators. This can act as an intermediate step before using piping systems.

Similar to piped oxygen supply, this will typically pay for itself within a couple of years. The initial cost is around £750 – £1,200 each. This makes it ideal for smaller practices with two G/A machines. However, if you have funds available to switch completely to pipes, this can offer higher quality and durability in the long-term.

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Why Choose Piped Oxygen

If you are unsure of piped oxygen supply or pondering to make a change, we can always advise you regarding the most sensible and smartest option for you. Working with and supplying several veterinary oxygen systems, we work with practices of any size. With fantastic experience, we know which option will be best for you.

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To discuss your oxygen supply options and receive a quote from our team, get in touch with Coltronics Systems Ltd. You will always receive a fast response, supplying throughout the UK to help all practices. Make an enquiry and call us on 01827 319 966 or 07900 942 918 or fill in our contact form today.

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