Coltronics Anaesthetic Machines

Our compact General Anaesthetic Machines are designed to provide maximum versatility & good value for the Veterinary Professional. We manufacture Portable, Wall Mount, Table Top & Hybrid configurations.

The Hybrid 2000 Series range allows the use of the G/A Machine in both Wall Mounted & Portable configurations. This minimises the number of machines required, reducing pressure on Floor Space (which is often at a premium in Small Animal Practices).

The 1500 Series Wall Mount Range offers compact machines, utilising the MediRail Universal Mounting System allowing Machines to easily be moved to different locations as required.

The JK Series offers a conventional 4x Castor Base mounted Portable Machine with the option of Oxygen Concentrator supply integrated with a Bottled Oxygen Back Up. The Gas Supply for the Machines can be derived from Size E or F integrated bottles, Size J bottle bulk gas pipeline systems or Oxygen Concentrators. Vaporisers are available for a variety of agents, with Isoflurane & Sevoflurane being the most popular agents in use within the Veterinary Profession.

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