Reliable High Class Alarm Systems

It is vital that when working with gas you are aware of the content in the air at all times. For your own safety and your employees in the veterinary industry here at Coltronics we supply our customers with reliable alarm systems that you can count on.

Whether you have anaesthetic, toxic, flammable or asphyxiate gases in your property you need to carefully monitor their levels. All of the makes and models that we have in stock are of high quality and are reliable throughout the whole year. By using the finest technologies and materials within the industry we are able to confidently guarantee all of our systems will last their desired lifetime and exceed expectations. Our team can also use their skills to create bespoke systems with specific requirements and fully train you and your team to properly use the systems.

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For more information about our systems and gas monitoring machines call our team on 01827 319 966.

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