Understanding Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen Concentrators are a great idea on paper. They have come down in price, physical size & the performance improvement has been dramatic in the last 15 years or so which has made them a practical consideration for Veterinary Professionals. Regretably, in some quarters, Concentrators have been “oversold” to the Veterinary Profession to the extent they are often treated as an “inexhaustible Oxygen Bottle”.

High Pressure (4Bar Output) Oxygen Concentrator Systems:

A typical Single Stage Oxygen Regulator will easily produce flow rates up to 300LPM at 4Bar(60psi) on demand until the bottle contents are exhausted. A Concentrator will “curl up & die” if any sustained attempt is made to draw more flow than it is designed to produce. Even sustained demand of 1LPM above “what it says on the tin” will cause a rapid drop in output pressure followed by a more gentle drop in Oxygen Purity. Having come up against this issue some years ago we engineered a Changeover Valve (We call it an MCV), which we supply when installing Pipeline Oxygen Concentrators. This Valve continuously monitors the output pressure of the Concentrator & should a fall of about 0.2Bar(3psi) be detected it progressively allows a feed from the bottled supply to support the demand. Once the demand falls back within the specified continuous output flow range of the Concentrator the MCV reverts the supply priority back to Concentrator only once more. We offer modular Oxygen Concentrator Systems from 10LPM rated direct supply units or 20, 30 & 40LPM systems via a Receiver Storage Tank.

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Low Pressure Portable Oxygen Concentrators:

Derived from Concentrators originally designed for human Home Oxygen Therapy use, the market has been flooded with low cost machines manufactured in the Far East. Many Veterinary Professionals have been tempted to purchase these very low cost units only to find that they will not supply enough output to drive a single General Anaesthetic Machine. Buyer beware! There are compact Portable Concentrators that will drive a G/A Machine & we stock one of the best on the market. Seek advice before buying!

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