Our Piped Medical Gas Systems are designed specifically for Veterinary use. The gas systems involved are normally Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide and Medical Air.

The Pipeline System which conveys the gas to the outlet can be either multilayer anti-static HP flexible hose to BS EN 737 or piped in copper.

In Human Hospitals where installations are to HTM2022 (Hospital Technical Memorandum), the main pipe work is in copper, which is then terminated on to NIST connectors above the Theatres, from which connections to the Pendants are made with flexible HP Hose. Because of their size these systems have a number of components which are not necessary in Veterinary Systems.

Whereas Human Hospitals tend to be fixed for many years after installation, Veterinary Practices are usually dynamic entities, constantly evolving and changing to meet client needs and the arrival of new technology/procedures. Because of that we normally choose to install Veterinary Pipeline System in flexible HP Hose, for the following reasons:-

  • It is relatively easy to install
  • Subsequent alterations/additions are easily accommodated
  • The system is kept uncomplicated with minimal maintenance requirements

System Description

The Oxygen, Nitrous and Medical Air is normally supplied from bulk gas bottles (except in the case of Oxygen we can also supply Oxygen Concentrators which “make” Oxygen by filtering the Oxygen from the surrounding air).

The Gas Regulator(s)/Oxygen Concentrators are connected to a Pipeline Distribution System with Outltet Terminals, normally located in Ops Theatres, Prep, X-Ray. Oxygen Outlets are often installed in Recovery/Isolation for use with Oxygen Tents during patient recovery. Outlets can be Wall Mounted, Mounted within Service Columns, or Ceilin Mounted Pendants.

The High Pressure Gas Supply from the bottle is reduced to 4Bar(60psi) in the case of Oxygen and Nitrous, or 7Bar(l00psi) for Medical Air by the Regulators and supplied to the Pipeline Distribution System. For Oxygen and Nitrous Systems the system has an Audible Alarm in the Main Control/Alarm Panel which will sound when the bottle in use is about to run out of gas The Wall or Ceiling Outlet Terminals are standard Self Sealing Schrader Valves which accept the standard Probes on the Anaesthetic Machines or Therapy Oxygen Flowmeters. The Regulator fitting is normally either a Pin/Index or Bull Nose connection dependant on bottle size in use.

Gas StorageGas Monitoring


The HP flexible hose used could melt in the event of fire, allowing gases to escape, potentially intensifying the fire. To counter this risk we fit Flash Back Arrestors (FBA) to all our Regulators. The FBA has a foam based Thermally Sensitive Valve which detects sharp temperature rises or “flash backs”, causing the foam to expand which operates a permanent shut-off valve. All components in our Gas Pipeline Systems are manufactured or constructed to relevant British Standards, normally BS EN 737.

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