Annual Routine Servicing

Preventative Maintenance (Routine Servicing) helps to retain optimal performance and minimise the risk of equipment failures. Loss of any of the above, even for one day, is costly for the Practice, potentially losing hundreds of pounds of revenue. Furthermore, as most levels of RCVS Accreditation require evidence of equipment maintenance, planned maintenance becomes a sensible option.

Annual Routine Servicing is the most cost-effective solution. At Coltronics Systems Ltd we not only service our own manufactured equipment but also other manufacturer’s equipment, subject to spares availability.

About Our Servicing

‘Servicing’ normally encompasses inspecting, cleaning, adjusting, rectifying, calibrating and testing equipment to relevant standards using state-of-the-art test equipment. The only exception is Vaporisers which are not Field Serviceable.

In the case of Vaporisers, we carry out a Visual Inspection and then test Vaporiser output using a precision Refractometer. From these results, we are able to advise clients whether the Vaporiser in question is okay for another 12 months or it is likely to require replacing. Replacement is normally a like-for-like swap with a Service Exchange unit.

Depending on the make, we also service certain Dental Machines, Scalers & Autoclaves. Prices are available on request.

AGSS ServicingAGSS

What Is This All Likely To Cost?

For example, a typical Small Animal Practice with AGSS, Piped Oxygen & two G/A Machines (including Vaporisers) would typically pay £295.00 + VAT for the Service, Testing and issue of Certification.

For group and multiple practices, we offer a discounted fee for the second and subsequent practices. Prices quoted include normal service consumables but excludes any manufacturers replacement parts which would be quoted by the engineer for approval on the day.


Contact Us Today

If you would like to arrange a Routine Service or obtain a service quotation, contact Sharon or Vikki on 01827 319966 or email us through our contact page.

Once registered with us, we automatically issue a Service Reminder every 12 months for your approval, signature and return. If your equipment inventory has changed, there is a space on the form enabling you to amend accordingly.

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