Scheduled Routine Service

Coltronics Systems Ltd provided a scheduled routine service for all scavenging systems. This will be beneficial to all systems, ensuring they receive a full inspection and their best condition is restored.

Why Service Systems & Equipment?

  • Helps Keep Equipment In Peak Condition
  • Ensures Optimal Safety For Operators
  • Helps Prevent Unplanned Equipment Failure
  • Compliance With RCVS Accreditation Requirements

How Often Should You Service?

Annual Routine Service is all that is required for most G/A Machines, AGSS & Veterinary Medical Gas Systems. Oxygen Concentrators are serviced on Runtime Hours so they will not necessarily fall into line with Calendar based service schedules. We can always advise you on how often specific systems should be serviced.

Proof of regular servicing is accepted by RCVS. 

What Equipment Needs Scheduled Routine Service?

We can service any make of G/A Machine, AGSS or Veterinary Medical Gas System provided spares are still available.

What About Vaporisers?

Vaporisers are NOT field serviceable because they have to be stripped down in a Clean Room environment. We use high accuracy Infra-Red Refractometers to check the calibration on site. Failed Vaporisers are replaced with Factory Reconditioned units.

Veterinary Equipment

What About Cost?

A typical Small Animal Practice with AGSS, Piped Oxygen & two G/A Machines, including Vaporisers would typically pay about £325-00 + VAT for the Service, Testing & issue of Certification. Price quoted includes Servicing Consumables but excludes any Manufacturers replacement parts which would be quoted by the engineer for approval on the day.

For Group/Multiple Practices we can offer special terms based on the number of practices involved. Contact the office for details on 01827 319 966.

What About Autoclaves & X-Ray Machines?

We do not carry out service on these items as specialist skills & equipment are required, however, we have good relations with providers in those areas & we are able to include them in Contracts if required.

Contact Us Today

If you require scheduled routine service for any equipment or systems, contact Coltronics Systems Ltd. We will restore the original condition and performance of all equipment, ensuring it is safe for use. Alternatively, we can also provide any replacements or repairs where necessary, with spare parts being stocked. Call us on 01827 319 966 or 07900 942 918 or fill in our contact form today.

Field Support:

If the unexpected should happen & breakdowns occur, our engineers will respond promptly to calls for emergency assistance.