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To Concentrate Or Not To Concentrate?

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to Concentrate Or Not To Concentrate – That Is The Question. When Identifying Ways To Gather Veterinary Medical Oxygen, It Is Important To Know All The Benefits And Drawbacks. Oxygen Concentrators Are A Fantastic Choice, But Is It The Right Option For You?

Coltronics Systems Ltd supply a wide range of veterinary products throughout the UK. Your expectations will always be met with Veterinary Medical Oxygen we supply.

What Are Oxygen Concentrators?

When driving Veterinary Medical Oxygen, oxygen concentrators offer an ideal and attractive solution for most clients. Supplying oxygen of 93% purity by squashing out nitrogen competent, this is a massive benefit for Veterinary Medical Oxygen. This methodology is called “Pressure Swing Absorption”.

Before choosing oxygen concentrators, it is important to actually know what the best option is for your veterinary requirements. With 93% purity, oxygen concentrators quite clearly have their benefits. However, you must consider several factors before ordering these concentrators and also look at the best alternatives.

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Should You Install Oxygen Concentrators?

Running any business, you have to know if this will be a cost-effective solution for you. If your current oxygen bill is over £300 per month, the likely savings of oxygen concentrators should pay for installation within a 3-5 year timescale. This will also depend on the installation you have and what products you actually want.

During the installation process, you can have a small, portable concentrator with each G/A machine installed or a central large concentrator. Ideally, the latter is best when you already have piped oxygen and if you do not, the smaller, portable concentrators should be used. Good ventilation is important for installation, with concentrators removing oxygen from the surrounding air.

Ongoing costs should help you save money but it is also important to have a backup bottle supply. Regardless of the system you decide on, this gives you peace of mind that if a problem does occur, oxygen is still in supply. You may need servicing and maintenance, whether this is on a regular basis or for specialist attention. Our team can help all users so you know how to use the system correctly and any adjustments are quick.

Using features such as airbricks and vent grills deliver the highest performance of concentrators and a long-term, cost-effective option.

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Environmental Impact

When installed correctly and in  the right place, there shouldn’t be too much environmental impact. Larger installations are quite noisy and need to be located away from clinical areas. However, the smaller units are much quieter and can often be sited directly next to a G/A Machine.

These smaller machines are designed specifically for Human Home Oxygen Therapy. Hence, many of them do not develop enough pressure to drive a G/A machine properly. This means, despite being the nosier option, larger installations could be more ideals. If the portable unit has an output pressure of 0.3Bar (5psi), this should be enough. Some of the most effective portable units have over 0.75 Bar output pressure, giving you fantastic performance.

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Supply & Savings

Supply will vary depending on the units you receive but the 93% oxygen purity will always be delivered with the machinery we install. For individual portable units, you need between 550 to 750 VA from a normal 13 Amp socket. Larger, stand-alone units will require 1.5KVA, allowing them to continue running from a standard socket. Some of the larger installations will only require a 415V supply.

Whilst oxygen concentrators should offer good savings for Veterinary Medical Oxygen, it is important to know the exact costs for this machinery. Portable units will run from about £750 to £1,200 for 5 to 10LPM flow capability. Alternatively, the larger units will start at around £5,900 up to £11,000 for a larger 10 to 30LPM capability at Pipeline Pressure.

We talk you through the best option for your specific needs. With both oxygen concentrator options, you can expect savings of around 40% to 60% of your current cost. This gives you fantastic savings in the long run to pay for installation.

Choose Coltronics Systems Ltd

If you are unsure about oxygen concentrators for Veterinary Medical Oxygen, you should always use Coltronics Systems Ltd. We deliver completely unbiased advice and give you all the information you need before making a decision. Call us today on 01827 319 966 or 07900 942 918 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.

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