Veterinary anaesthetic gas systems are used to remove waste contaminates from operating theatres. It is essential these gases are removed as they can be harmful to anyone exposed to them.

Our team supply and install veterinary anaesthetic gas systems in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Additionally, we offer a range of other equipment to suit your requirements, including:

  • Piped Medical Gas Systems
  • Gas Bottle Storage Cabinets
  • Anaesthetic Machines
  • Piped Anaesthetic Gas Supply Systems
  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • Gas Monitoring and Alarm Systems
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

All our products are made to the highest standard and come with several key features, including control panels and remote alarm reporting.

Gas Bottle StorageGas Monitoring Systems


Veterinary anaesthetic gas systems and other equipment require regular servicing to ensure they are working effectively and safely. Servicing these products involves cleaning, adjusting, calibrating, rectifying and inspecting all components to make sure they are working to the required standards.

Our specialists will diagnose and solve any failures or other issues, ensuring the equipment works to its optimal performance. This keeps your machinery in line with the essential RCVS Accreditation and reduces the risk of problems occurring before the next inspection.



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